Remapping the Arab world

7-Ebtesam Ahmed ,Remapping the Arab world, 2013, Installation (Acrylic, wood, aluminium, LED light) 200x400x60cm

Installation (Acrylic, wood, aluminum, LED light) 200x400x60cm)

(Re-Mapping) belongs to the style of System Art, which is based on precise and organized mathematical elements. These elements when correlated by an organization , ensure the viewer cannot understand unless he or she can enjoy the nuances within. The strategy of the work is closely related to system, creating Map drawings for the Middle East countries including Iran, by following this system. Each Letter from (A-z) has a different Number, (a=1,b=2,…z=26), All of the lines have become one thing: they create the shape of each country, This is what I’ve chosen to create the new Middle East Art Map.