3-Ebtesam Ahmed ,Autobiography Sharjah- Um Al Quwain, 2012,Pen on Canvas, 101x201 cm

Autobiography Sharjah- Um Al Quwain, 2012,Pen on Canvas, 101×201 cm

As I travel from emirate to emirate, I observe car plate numbers and I am compelled to come up with mathematical equations that create relationships between them. It takes me to another world and pushes me to exercise my brain either trying to memorize them or to find correlations with equations that then make them easier to memorize. I documented every trip I took so that I know when and where I saw each plate. Each domino piece represents a number I wanted to transform dominoes from a tool of play and fun to a work of art enjoyed by the public or the viewer as they decipher the code I used, which is different from what they are used to.