Autobiography 2007

1-Ebtesam Ahmed ,Autobiography ,2007, Video (550 minutes), 40photos(13x18cm)

Video (5:50 minutes), 40 photos(13x18cm)

The numbers are a summary of my autobiography for a certain period, and I employ it in the framework of a theatrical that portrays the negative aspects of today’s society where the individual is rendered useless in the midst of consumerist societies that only recognize material profits. The video is of a deliberate moving scene, the same one we take part in every day, except I present it in a cynical manner that mocks class divisions. It is a cynical critique of consumerist societies signifying the transformation of the human being into a code or a set of numbers. The artist’s body is changed into a well-known brand or an emblem printed on t-shirts and placed on giant billboards.