Art Statement

Art is, to me, all the media and principles humans use to produce a work that expresses their ideas. A work of art is the embodiment of an idea expressed through an artistic form. It is closely related to social progress and human intellect- the more knowledgeable we become, the more that reflects on our art.

A true artist will seek to express themselves with the tools of their time- with the tools available because of change. In my works I attempted to reflect this emancipation of the artist. Most of them express a great deal of change in myself as an artist and how I deal with the idea and reality. An artist cannot be detached from the events that surround them. An artwork is being reproduced at many levels. I began to wonder about the entity and the value that makes it a work of art. Some of my works are related to modern science, especially mathematics. I need these sciences as a modern human being, and that need commands their inclusion in art. I used installations, video, photography, maps, and system art- any and everything that is modern- in producing my art. I also dealt with everyday issues laden with psychological poignancies; issues like life and death, happiness and sorrow, love, hate and jealousy, as well as other human situation we are faced with in our daily lives. Some works concern the relationship between visual culture and its incorporation of modern technology, giving a new technological visual vigor to my work.

My works are a clear and present part of who I am in the theater of life and daily existence. The variety in shapes and materials, from photographs to video, installation, numbers and geometric shapes are definitely exhibited for different purposes. Some document the accelerating times, others are blueprints of giant environmental projects, through which I showcase ideas that search for human nature and sail into adventure which explores the workings of the human brain. Others present an alternative concept to the accelerating change in our environment, and other visual concepts that explain the contrast between shadow and light. Some are intimately related to optical illusion art in a display of visually distorted geometric shapes and lines, which surely betray my closeness to mathematics. Manipulating numbers and mathematical systems is simply a cry of revolt against the shackles of oppressive regimes.

My performance art demonstrates a clear and present part of who I am as a female Arab/ Muslim artist in the theater of life and daily existence. Originating from a culture that displays very conservative and censored tendencies, some of my work discusses the conceptual basis of complete freedom. which are subjects that is not always permitted to be produced back home simply due to the sensitivity of the concept and topics. Other aspects of my art raise issues relating to women at its core, and the coalescence of the environment and social issues on women; in this respect, it is my intention to express the conflicts between the individual and society. Furthermore, I represent each and every woman whom is searching for freedom. My art is a true representation of how I feel as an Arab woman, as an artist, a friend, a daughter, and the multitude of various roles that I have accepted unequivocally or decisions that have been allocated to me, up until now.